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The DATT reflects a “Porous Theatre” artistic approach aiming to offer many different entryways into the performance and varied opportunities to engage Deaf and hearing audiences. The DATT compiles learnings on best practices for engaging Deaf artists in a theatrical setting throughout the production cycle – from script selection to auditions to rehearsals through to performances. The DATT also provides an overview of all aspects of producing theatre: play development, pre-production planning, production, marketing and publicity, box office, front of house, and post-production. Lastly, the DATT addresses approaches to create opportunities for extending the conversation around issues raised in performance content and artistic approach that both inform Deaf and hearing audiences and reflect and address the values of the Deaf community.

Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz
Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz. Chris Dodd and Elizabeth Morris, Ultrasound, 2016.
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