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Following are some suggestions and information regarding Deaf patrons, for consideration:

  • Set up a “Signer’s Corner/Speaker’s Corner. in the FOH for your audience to share their feedback on the performance. Ensure an interpreter is present and video patrons feedback (with their written permission), if you wish to record responses. These can be used to inform your company staff of issues raised by the performance, receive feedback on the experience, or for promotional purposes, if you get permission from those who speak out / sign up in Signer’s Corner.
  • If a feedback station is not possible, ensure space is available for more intimate conversation and patrons to access and provide feedback to theatre personnel.
  • Do not be surprised if Deaf patrons linger post performance not only to provide feedback and discuss the performance but to socialize. The Deaf community is spread out geographically and this is an opportunity for the community to gather – until the house is ready to close its doors!
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