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We can learn from our own successes and mistakes as we use the DATT and continue to press forward with both large and nuanced improvements each time we create a new performance that engages Deaf performing artists and audiences. We can also learn from best practices of Deaf theatre companies. Deaf West Theatre Company in Los Angeles, California recently produced Spring Awakening on Broadway which serves as a beautiful case study for best practice that arises from within the Deaf community. The production encompassed Deaf performing artists, shadow stage interpreters, ASL Masters, dynamic titles, consistent interpreters throughout the production cycle, and Deaf and hearing cast and crew with Deaf creative team members at all levels including a Deaf artistic director. This is a different experience than one that arises from hearing theatre companies – Deaf and hearing theatre companies each have their own particular contribution to cultural expression and exchange. Please see, “Spring Awakenings” TED Talk with sample performance and the video interview of D.J. Kurs, Artistic Director, Deaf West Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, Interview January 13, 2016.

Interview with D.J. Kurs, Artistic Director, Deaf West Theatre.

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