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Marketing Materials

It is preferred for printed marketing materials to feature interaction, movement or American Sign Language (ASL) in photos or in logos. Fingerspelling is a very small part of ASL used only for proper names (of people, places and things when they don’t yet have a name sign) and are least preferred.

Deaf, knowledgeable, fluent signers from the Deaf community could be hired as your most suitable ASL models. They can be engaged for a variety of marketing collateral (eg. season brochure, posters, bookmarks, etc.)

The Cahoots 2015/2016 season brochure photo download depicts the movement for the sign “collaborate” and the bookmark download shows the movement for the sign “family”.

Marketing materials for ULTRASOUND used consistent language and communicated that the show would be performed in ASL/ Voice/ Surtitles.

ULTRASOUND Bookmark image (front)
ULTRASOUND Bookmark image (back)

[1]  Based on feedback from the Deaf Community Leaders Forum held in October 2016

[2] See Module “Cultural Context” for the section on name signs.

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