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Anita Small
Project Manager, DATT


Catherine MacKinnon
Deaf Community Consultant

Marjorie Chan
Artistic Director,
Cahoots Theatre

Kate Ann Vandermeer
General Manager,
Cahoots Theatre

Joanne Cripps
External Deaf Community Consultant


Beth Wong
GM Associate
Metcalf Intern

Cahoots Theatre Company

Marjorie Chan (Artistic Director), Kate Ann Vandermeer (General Manager), Anita Small (Project Manager, DATT), Catherine MacKinnon (Deaf Community Consultant and Crossing Gibraltar Co-Facilitator), Joanne Cripps (External Deaf Consultant), Liza Mattimore (Interim General Manager), Beth Wong (GM Associate Metcalf Intern), Indrit Kasapi (Associate Producer, ULTRASOUND), Stephanie Jung (Associate Artistic Producer Intern), Gein Wong (Crossing Gibraltar Co-Facilitator) and Jasmine Chen (Outreach Coordinator, Crossing Gibraltar).

DATT Website

Anita Small (Project Manager, web content developer and author; video content manager), Catherine MacKinnon (Deaf Culture Consultant and video editor), Blair Francey (Web designer), Beth Wong (Video captioner and video editor), Suave Hupa (Cinematographer; video logs and DATT modules), Tara Everett (Interpreter; voice over), Richard Lee (Video sound editor), Marjorie Chan (editor), and Kate Ann Vandermeer (editor and template/sample creator).

ULTRASOUND Artistic Staff and Production Team

Appreciation is extended to the entire artistic and production team of ULTRASOUND. In particular we appreciate the insights provided by Adam Pottle (Playwright), Chris Dodd (Performer), Elizabeth Morris (Performer), Sandi Becker (Stage Manager), Trevor Schwellnus (Set, Lighting and Surtitles Designer), Nina Okens (Costume Designer), Richard Lee (Sound Designer), and Sally Roberts (Associate Production Manager and Surtitles Operator). We also recognize the contributions of Yvette Nolan (Dramaturge), David Fisher (Mainspace Technician), Deborah Lim (Apprentice Stage Manager), Erin Gerofsky (Design Assistant), Kaitlin Hickey (Production Manager), Cameron Davis (Projection Designer), and Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher (Apprentice Lighting Designer).


We are grateful especially to ASL Interpreters, Tara Lee Everett and Kate Lewis for serving as the production’s primary interpreters, providing consistency throughout the production cycle, and to Catherine MacKinnon (Deaf Interpreter [DI]) who stepped in last minute when our scheduled DI took ill.

ASL Interpretation for the Production: Tara Everett, Kate Lewis, Nancy Anderson, Sheila Johnston, Carolyn Lesonsky, Rosalie Vissers, and Melissa Cyr.

ASL Interpretation for DATT meetings: Special thank you to Tara Everett and Kate Lewis. Appreciation also to Carolyn Lesonsky, Anna Lee, Gloria Brifoglio, and Ryan Kraft.

ASL Interpretation for Front of House (FOH) and Box Office: Monique LeDrew, Amanda Weingarten, Andrea Kraus, and Samantha Parry.

ASL/English Volunteers for Front of House (FOH) and Box Office: Victoria Dwight, Yonah Sienna, Pam Lootsteen, Rogue Benjamin, Morgan O’Connor, Sallyanne Hatzalic, Latasha Lennox, and Devon Hubka.

ASL/Deaf Volunteer for Front of House and Box Office: Samreen Aziz.

Theatre Passe Muraille

Special appreciation to our partners Andy McKim (Artistic Director), Régine Cadet (General Manager), Jason Golinsky (Production Manager), Jivesh Parasram (Associate Artistic Producer). We also acknowledge Jenn Sartor (Producer), Hallie Seline (Associate Producer of Publicity and Marketing), Megan Poole (Associate Producer of Patron Services) and TPM’s box office personnel.

Deaf Leaders and Artists Forum

Our appreciation to the following Deaf leaders and artists who gave of their time to provide insights early in the development of ULTRASOUND and the DATT: Miguel Aguayo (Deaf President, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association), Nancy Blanchard (Project Director, ASL/English Interpreter Program, George Brown College), Mike Cyr (Program Director, Silent Voice and Film Director, MCYR), Anselmo DeSousa (Project Coordinator, H3World TV, Deaf Literacy Initiative), Gary Malkowski (President, Toronto Association of the Deaf), Sage Noble (President, Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf), George Postlewait (President, Ontario Association of the Deaf), Donald Prong (Executive Director, Ontario Association of the Deaf ), Maryam Hafizirad (Visual Artist, Film Producer), Mehdi Safavi (Photographer, Visual Artist), Michael Zagozdzon (Deaf Cloud), Catherine MacKinnon (Deaf Community Consultant, DATT, Cahoots Theatre), Joanne Cripps (External Deaf Community Consultant, DATT and Executive Director, DEAF CULTURE CENTRE).

Theatre Leaders Forum

We are grateful to the following theatre leaders who shared their experience and desire to see increased engagement of Deaf individuals in the creation and enjoyment of theatre:  Bill Zeilstra (Technical Coordinator, Milton Centre for the Arts), Jacoba Knaapen, (Executive Director, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts), Bruce Pitkin, (Executive Director, Theatre Ontario), Sara Meurling (Executive Director, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres [PACT]), Meg Shannon (Membership and Communications Associate, PACT), Katie Bell (Community Outreach and Training Coordinator, Theatre Ontario), Jasmine Chen (Outreach Coordinator, Cahoots Theatre), Karen Gilodo (Associate Artistic Director, Education, Young People’s Theatre), Molly Gardner (Manager of Community Programming, Soul Pepper Theatre), Lois Adamson (Member Schools and Education Manager, Young People’s Theatre), Lindsay Woods (The Toronto Fringe Festival), Mark Aikman (Buddies in Bad Times), Meara Tubman-Broeren (Metcalf Foundation Artistic Producing Intern, Summerworks Performance Festival), Rebecca Burton (PGC, Equity in Theatre), Régine Cadet (General Manager, Theatre Passe Muraille), Andy McKim (Artistic Director (Theatre Passe Muraille), Lynda Hill (Theatre Direct), and Nick Hutcheson (Summerworks).


Kate Ann Vandermeer (General Manager, Cahoots Theatre), Marjorie Chan (Artistic Director, Cahoots Theatre), Catherine MacKinnon (Deaf Community Consultant and Crossing Gibraltar Facilitator), Adam Pottle (Playwright), Chris Dodd (Actor), Elizabeth Morris (Actor), Sandi Becker (Stage Manager), Sally Roberts (Associate Production Manager and Surtitles Operator), Trevor Schwellnus (Set, Lighting and Surtitles Designer), Richard Lee (Sound Designer), Tara Lee Everett (Interpreter) on behalf of herself and Kate Lewis (Interpreter), Melanie Baine (Coordinator Commercial Sales, Canadian Hearing Society), Corinna Den Dekker (Student, Theatre Arts, Fanshawe College, Ontario), and David J. Kurs (Producer and Artistic Director, Deaf West Theatre, Los Angeles, California).


Our thanks to the 100 survey respondents from the Deaf community, 100 respondents from the interpreter community and 34 respondents from the theatre community.

Canadian Hearing Society

Melanie Baine and Joann Bentley (Audio Assist Device consultants); Gary Malkowski (audience member and video promotion).

DATT Photographs

Dahlia Katz, (Media call and rehearsal photos), Michael Cooper, (Production Shots), Marjorie Chan, Anita Small and Mehdi Safavi.

DATT Readers

Marjorie Chan, Catherine MacKinnon, Indrit Kasapi, Kate Ann Vandermeer, Andy McKim, and Joanne Cripps.

DATT On-line Readers

Our appreciation extends to you, the DATT online reader. Our hope is that the DATT is a foundation to extend the conversation among all of us. Our hope is that you will apply your own creative process to build onto the DATT. The DATT will therefore continue to take on new dimensions with your learnings as you engage Deaf artists and audiences in innovative ways, enriching the theatre experience for all of us. Contact us at:

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