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For ULTRASOUND, Cahoots Theatre created a double sided glossy insert download that was intentionally taller in dimension than the house program book so it would draw the attention of patrons attending the performance. One side of the insert featured photographs of actors signing useful words for audience members. It included the sign names for the two main characters in the play. These diagrams were modeled after information provided in house programs from productions such as Tribes and Spring Awakening. Colourful arrows were layered over top of the photos in order to show the motion of the signs. Information about sign names was also included on this side of the page. The reverse side of the page provided information about other related work that the company is doing. For these inserts, it is important to have high quality visuals.

An example of Deaf community history and facts, can be seen in the text extracted from the program book download of ULTRASOUND.

Below are a few related items of note:

  • It enriches a patron’s theatre experience if your program book contains relevant intriguing information about the Deaf community, Deaf history, Deaf values and ASL. Your Deaf Community Consultant or Cross-Cultural Consultant can assist with developing accurate information to share in the program book and/or program insert.
  • It is helpful to draw audience attention to any inserts or information (eg. name signs) included in the program book that will inform their experience of the performance. For example, names are too long to be fingerspelled and Deaf characters would naturally have developed name signs for each other. It is essential for an audience to know these name signs prior to the show as they will be referenced in conversation.
  • Program notes and information can be highlighted while making pre-show announcements in ASL or interpreted in ASL. Otherwise, interpreters in the FOH can inform Deaf patrons of the insert. Signage or a FOH video could also be used to inform patrons of this information.
Image of double sided glossy insert
Image of back of the double sided glossy insert
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